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New York   .   London   .   Spain
I would like to first thank my family for the support they have given me,  then likewise
thank the Art Fairs such as Europart 09 in Geneva ( Switzerland),  Mr. peter London,  
Director of  the Russian Art Fair in London ,  Ms. Sandra Familia and  Maria Consuelo
Padilla , both Directors of Fiart  n the  Dominican Republic where Artenews Magazine will
be distributed.  

As you all know I have been an independent curator and artist in New York these many
years and from the 20th to the 24th of May at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Sto.
Domingo,  I will be bringing a select group of artists from New York and Las Palmas de
Gran Canarias (Spain) for exhibition at Cabezas Gallery in Fiart.
There are a few times when one seeks and waits for an opportunity, it is given…but in its
time; today that is a reality.  And although we hear talk of global economic crisis, art will
be a respite in these times of trial;  it will survive and outlive all crisis as it has always
done in the past.

I would like to particularly thank my executive directors Lila Vanderberg my sister, and
Isabel  Echevarria for their never-ending patience and boundless optimism; in listening
to their wise counsel another dream come true!!!  And to the great work of my graphic
designer and forever friend Renzo Ortega of Artenews, to Publimax Printing for its
professionalism, to the unequalled support of the artists, the art galleries, the
foundations,  and of course the art lovers who believed in this continuous project , my
deepest gratitude. Yet  let us never forget that in everything we do in the present and in
the future , we do so to leave a better world for the new generations.
They will be grateful…